Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Knots that bind us
By: James Allen McDonnell

For those who wonder...
What about those knots? I do not mean to pry but let us not lie to each other, with the druthers that our current world is in according to every radio show and television newscast, it is apparently true. 
The proof:
Count any/or all your negative thoughts for the week or better yet, words that you may have posted recently on social networks.
If you tallied up more words or thoughts than you can count on your fingertips then unfortunately, you are guilty of knots - the same ones that we contract every day from the news or our friends who purge at us.
Personally, I make every attempt to remove myself from the equation of politics and all other trivial news related events. Recently I told a long time friend of mine: “if a tidal wave was headed for my home, I will be the last person in the world to find out”. Quickly his rebuttal was..."You must stay informed". I asked, “informed about what? ‘Trivial circumstances’?”
What you feed your mind with affects the following:
Your mood, relationship, work performance, health and even more importantly, your personal psyche, better known as your aura.
So when you go to bed, what do you think about before you turn out the lights?  Do you believe that there is a higher power at work taking care of your worries?
I say...untie the knots you tie yourself in from the day-to-day stresses in life.
But how? 
I speak from experience.
I have removed my knots in the past by omitting those from within my social circle whom were a negative influence. It was not my intent to be rude, or express myself in a cavalier manner, it's just my life and let me reiterate that who you choose to associate yourself with can have a negative impact on you; hence more usless knots to unravel.
Who is to say that you have to allow yourself to be in a room full of people purging daily troubles on your dreamy mist full day full of billowing clouds?
I was recently at a party and there, I observed a strange occurrence: On one side of the room, people talked about business and politics during the entire length of the party. On the other side, a group of people, who did not speak my language, yet it was apparent, they knew how to have a fun time and let loose. They laughed and sang, clearly having a good time. Unknowingly, I caught myself being envious of the freedom and ability they had of to just simply drop their “knots” for the time being and lose themselves in the joy of friendship and being together. 
Think about it...
What and who we listen to and the influences in our life define us as individuals.
I quote Ally McBeal, Season 5. John Cage and Ally both experience hallucinations often through their workday yet their fellow colleagues believe them to be nuts. We writers experience this same thing. It is a good thing if you want to fill your day with fantasy. By all means, you do what makes you happy, therefore less knots.
These are the words from my nook... My thoughts to consider
James A. McDonnell -